Q1. Blood cancer is otherwise called as
(a) Anaemia                (b) Polycythemia
(c) Leucopenia                        (d) Leukaemia
Q2. Lac, which is used as sealing wax is produced by
(a) stem                       (b) roots
(c) insect                     (d) bird

Q3. Cancer is a disease where are find uncontrolled
(a) cell division            (b) cell swelling
(c) cell inflammation  (d) cell deformity

Q4. Cholecalciferol is the chemical name of which vitamin ?
(a) Vitamin ¬ A            (b) Vitamin – E
(c) Vitamin – D                        (d) Vitamin – K
Q5. The science dealing with the study of teeth is

(a) Odontology            (b) Ornithology
(c) Phenology              (d) Cosmology
Q6. Radioimmunoassay (RIA) is a therapy used
(a) to cure lung cancer
(b) to cure AIDS
(c) to cure fractures in bones
(d) to detect antibodies and hormones present in the blood samples
Q7. Which one of the following pairs belongs to cartilaginous fish?

(a) Shark and Tuna      (b) Shark and Ray
(c) Skates and Hilsa     (d) Ray and Eel
Q8. Which one of the following animals is called farmer’s friend?
(a) Ant             (b) Earthworm

(c) Bee             (d) Butterfly
Q9. Which one of the following creatures has maximum number of ribs?

(a) Crocodile               (b) Snake
(c) Ray fish                  (d) Flying mammal
Q10. Of all micro-organisms, the most adaptable and versatile are
(a) Viruses                   (b) Bacteria
(c) Algae                      (d) Fungi

Q11. Which one of the following is related to Silviculture?
(a) Culture of Hilsa  (b) Culture of silver carp
(c) Culture of oil-producing plants
(d) Forest crops
Q12. The term ‘GM food’ refers to the food
(a) that grows under genetic measures
(b) that is genetically modified
(c) that grows under geographical modification
(d) with greater glucose metabolism

Q13. The colour of human skin is produced by

(a) Haemoglobin         (b) Insulin
(c) Adrenaline             (d) Melanin
Q14.Ratinol is the chemical name of which Vitamin ?
(a) A    (b) B    (c) C     (d) D
Q15. Washing of peeled vegetables removes the vitamin 

(a) A    (b) C    (c) D    (d) E
Q16. The device which converts AC to DC is

(a) Oscillator               (b) Amplifier
(c) Rectifier                 (d) None of these
Q17. Who defined the law of gravitation?
(a) Newton                  (b) Archimedes
(c) Galileo                   (d) Faraday
Q18. ‘Therm’ is the unit of
(a) power                    (b) heat
(c) light                        (d) distance
Q19. Newton’s first law of motion gives the concept of
(a) energy                   (b) work
(c) momentum            (d) inertia

Q20. A kilowatt-hour is unit of
(a) Energy                   (b) Power
(c) Electric charge      (d) Electric current
Q21. Who was the father of Biology?
(a) Aristotle                 (b) Antoine Lavoisier
(c) Eratosthenes          (d) none of these

answers- 1.D  2.C  3.A  4.C  5.A  6.D  7.B 8.B  9.B  10.A 11.D12.B 13.D  14.A  15.B 16.C 17.A 18.B  19.D  20.A  21.A


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