1. Which part of the world is referred to as the fertile crescent?

[A]Latin Americas           [B]South East Asia           [C]Middle East                 [D]Scandinavia

2.Which one of the following is not a member country of the Mano River Union?

[A]Liberia                            [B]Sierra Leone                 [C]Guinea          [D]Nigeria

3.The Great Artesian Basin, one of the largest and deepest underground water reservoirs in the world is located in___?

[A]Australia                       [B]USA                [C]China               [D]Japan

4.The Shubhamsari (Subansiri) project, is the 2000MW hydroelectric project is coming up in which of the following states?

[A]Tripura          [B]Arunachal Pradesh    [C]Haryana                         [D]Sikkim

5. The Chambal River does not flow through which one of the following states?

[A]Madhya Pradesh      [B]Rajasthan      [C]Gujarat          [D]Uttar Pradesh

6. Mount Stromboli, which is one of the active volcanoes in the world, is in which country?

[A]Argentina      [B]China               [C]Italy [D]Mexico

7.The continent which has higher ratio of coast to landmass is ____?

[A]Asia                 [B]Australia       [C]Europe          [D]Africa

8.The Mount Kosciuszko, is the highest point in _____?

[A]Australia        [B]Japan              [C]Sri Lanka        [D]Bangladesh

9.Which among the following is the smallest country in the African continent?

[A] Seychelles   [B]Gambia         [C]Libya                [D]Congo

10.How many states and union territories of India have sea coast?

[A]9 States and 5 Union Territories

[B]8 States and 3 Union Territories

[C]9 States and 4 Union Territories

[D]7 States and 3 Union Territories

GEO. QUIZ 1 -1.C 2.D   3.A   4.B   5.C 6.C   7.C   8.A   9.A 10.C



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