Geography Questions For SSC CGL Exam 2017 (25th JULY 2017)

Geography Questions For SSC CGL Exam 2017 (25th JULY 2017)

Q1. The famous ‘Gir’ forests are located in
(a) Mysore                 (b) Kashmir
(c) Gujarat                  (d) Kerala

Q2. Mudumalai Wild-life Sanctuary is located in the State of
(a) Kerala                   (b) Karnataka
(c) Tamil Nadu
(d) Andhra Pradesh

Q3. Silent Valley of Kerala
(a) is the only evergreen forest in India
(b) contains costly timber trees

(c) is a good picnic spot

(d) contains rare species of plants and animals

Q4. The famous Lagoon lake of India is :
(a) Dal Lake              (b) Chilka Lake
(c) Pulicat Lake        (d) Mansarover

Q5. Which of the following passes lies in the Sutlej valley? 
(a) Nathu La              (b) Jelep La
(c) Shipki La              (d) Sherabathanga

Q6. The piligrims of KailashMansarovar have to pass through which pass to enter into Tibet? 
(a) Khardungala
(b) Rohtang
(c) Lipulikh
(d) Nathu la

Q7. Nepanagar in Madhya Pradesh has a
(a) sugar mill
(b) newsprint factory
(c) steel plant
(d) heavy engineering plant

Q8. At Sindri in Jharkhand, the fertilizer produced is
(a) Urea
(b) Ammonium Phosphate
(c) Calcium Super Phosphate
(d) Ammonium Sulphate

Q9. Where was the first Cotton Mill in India established?
(a) Surat

(b) Bombay (now Mumbai)
(c) Ahmedabad
(d) Coimbatore

Q10. Watermelons grow best in 
(a) Alluvial soil          (b) Sandy soil
(c) Black soil                         (d) Laterite soil

Q11. The most extensive soil cover of India comprises. 
(a) laterite soils         (b) black soils
(c) alluvial soils        (d) marshy soils

Q12. When was the first National Forest Policy issued by the Government of India?
(a) 1952                     (b) 1940
(c) 1942                      (d) 1999

Q13. Which of the following volcanoes is situated in Mexico? 
(a) Colima                  (b) Purace
(c) Semeru                (d) Etna

Q14. Cape Cod is located near 
(a) Philadelphia       (b) Washington
(c) Florida                  (d) Massachusetts

Q15. Source of River Nile is 
(a) Lake Nassir         (b) Lake Victoria
(c) Lake Chad           (d) Lake Tanganyika

Q16.The Indian subcontinent was originally part of a huge mass called
(a) Indian
(b) Aryavarta
(c) Angaraland
(d) Gondwana land

Q17.The biggest island of the Indian Ocean is
(a) Maldives
(b) Madagascar
(c) Lakshadweep
(d) Sumatra

Q18.The mouth of a volcano is known as
(a) Glacier
(b) Cone
(c) Crater
(d) Pipe

Q19.The highest salinity is found in which of the following lakes?
(a) Van Lake             (b) Dead sea
(c) Balkash lake       (d) Baikal lake

Q20.Which one of the following is a temperate desert?
(a) Arabian desert    (b) Atacama desert
(c) Kalahari desert   (d) Patagonian desert

Q21.The deepest lake of the world is
(a) Baikal                   (b) Crater
(c) Nyasa                   (d) Tanganyika

Q22.A hot local wind blowing in Sahara desert is known as
(a) Haboob                (b) Karaburan
(c) Jooran                  (d) Harmattan

Q23.Epicentre is concerned with
(a) Earthquake         (b) Volcano
(c) Cyclone                (d) Land sliding

Q24.Tropical cyclones in Australia are called
(a) Willy willy
(b) Hurricanes
(c) Easterly waves
(d) Typhoons

Q25.Among oceanic trenches the deepest trench is
(a) Kurile trench
(b) Japan trench
(c) Mariana trench
(d) Tonga trench

Q26.The largest producer of Milk in the world is
(a) China
(b) U.S.A.
(c) India
(d) Brazil

Q27.Sericulture means
(a) rearing of silkworms
(b) growing of small plants
(c) cultivation of spices
(d) cultivation of grapes

Q28. What is viticulture ?
(a) Cultivation of grapes
(b) Growing small plants
(c) Growing tobacco
(d) Cultivation of spices

Q29.Which crop is afflicted by the disease called red rot ?
(a) Rice                      (b) Wheat
(c) Bajra                     (d) Sugarcane

Q30.Blue revolution relates to
(a) Crop farming
(b) Industrial production
(c) Fishing
(d) Mining and metallurgy

Answers- 1.C 2.C  3.D  4.B  5.C  6.D  7.B  8.A  9.B  10.B  11.C  12.A  13.A  14.D  15.B 16.D 17.B  18.C   19.B  20.D  21..A  22.D  23.A  24.A  25.C  26.C  27.A  28.A  29.D  30.C



Geography Questions For SSC CGL Exam 2017 (25th JULY 2017)
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