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Science Quiz-1

1) Which of the following acids is present in sour milk?

a) glycolic acid                  b) lactic acid             c) citrus acid                 d) tartaric acid

2) Curdling of milk in the stomach is due to the action of

a) pepsin                 b) rennin                      c) HCL                     d) lactic acid

3) Pepsinogen is secreted by

a) gastric glands         b) intestinal glands             c) chief cells              d) parietal cells

4) Pancreas has

a) only endocrine cells      b) only one type of cell, the same functioning both in an exocrine and endocrine fashion

c) two types of cells-exocrine and endocrine                         d) only exocrine cells

5) Largest gland in human body is

a) liver                 b) pancreas                           c) pituitary                   d) thyroid

6) ) Saliva has the enzyme

a) pepsin               b) ptyalin                         c) trypsin                         d) rennin

7) Which of the following acids is called the king of the acids?

a) acetic acid           b) phosphoric acid          c) oxalic acid                 d) sulphuric acid

8) The sharp pain caused by the sting of an ant is due to

a) malic acid                  b) nitric acid                      c) formic acid              d) lactic acid

9) In which of the following media will sound travel the fastest?

a) solid                b) both solid and liquid                        c) liquid              d) gas

10) The force which tries to bring the body back to its mean position is called

a) deforming force             b) restoring force              c) gravitational force               d) buoyant force

 11) Evaporation is the process of changing liquid into vapour

a) at any temperature            b) above its boiling point             c) at its boiling point        d) below its boiling point

12) The period of pendulum depends upon

a) mass                           b) length                         c) amplitude                   d) energy

13) Potential energy of the bob is maximum

a) at the mean position                                                                b) at the extreme position

c) between the mean position and extreme positions                d) none of these

14) Soaps are sodium salts of

a) mineral acids               b) fatty acids                    c) bases                   d) carbonic acid

15) Vitamin C is an organic acid known as

a) ascorbic acid              b) citrus acid                 c) glycolic acid                d) acetic acid



1 b 11 d
2 b 12 b
3 c 13 b
4 c 14 b
5 a 15 a
6 b
7 d
8 c
9 a
10 b


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