@@ CURRENT AFFAIRS 1st APRIL 2017…@@ India’s first International Centre for Foot and Mouth Disease (ICFMD) has set up in which state? [A] Odisha [B] Uttar Pradesh [C] Assam [D] Haryana Who has been appointed the new Vice Chancellor of Nalanda University? [A] Pankaj Mohan [B] Sunaina Singh [C] Arvind Sharma [D] Vijay Bhatkar Which […]


GK & CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZ: MARCH 29, 2017 1. Who has been appointed the new executive director of the United Nations (UN) World Food Programme (WFP)? [A] David Beasley                               [B] Nikki Haley [C] Josette Sheeran                            [D] James Morris Truecaller has partnered with which bank to launch its UPI-based mobile payment service “Truecaller […]

@@ Current Affairs Quiz : 21 March 2017@@

Mera iMobile app which launched by which bank for rural customers that allow them to access banking services as well as information on agricultural services? a. Canara Bank b. Axis Bank c. HDFC Bank d. ICICI Bank2. According to the World Happiness Report report published by Bloomberg what is India’s rank in the list of […]

@@ Important Idioms for the SSC CGL 2017@@

@@ Important Idioms for the SSC CGL 2017@@ Directions (1-15): An idiom and four possible meanings are given. Identify the meaning of the idiom from among the answer choices and mark its number as your answer. Q1. Worlds apart (a) too unfriendly (b) be widely separated (c) old-fashioned (d) everywhere in the world Q2. Make […]


@@ SBI PO 2017 REASONING QUIZ@@ Directions (1-5): In the following questions, the symbols $, @, £, • and # are used with the following meanings as illustrated below:  ‘A $ B’ means A is neither greater nor smaller than B ‘A @ B’ means A is neither greater than nor equal to B `A […]


@@SBI PO 2017 PATTERN @@   Puzzle and Seating and Arrangement. Directions (1 – 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the question given below: Ten friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and Jare sitting at a rectangular table and likes a different games i.e. Football, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, Lawn […]


###COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE  MCQS ### Q1. Which is the part of the computer system that one can physically touch?  (a) data (b) operating system (c) hardware (d) software (e) None of these Q2. Which of the following is a programming language for creating special programs like applets?  (a) Java (b) cable (c) domain name (d) Net […]

Important Vocabulary for Exams

Important Vocabulary for Exams 1.Petulant Meaning: (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered Synonym:  short-tempered, peevish, Antonym:  affable, companionable, cordial, extroverted Sentence: “he was moody and petulant” 2.Interlocutor Meaning: a person who takes part in a dialogue or conversation. Synonym: minstrel show, middleman, minstrel Sentence: The music at the party was so […]


STATIC AWARENESS Q1. Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh is famous for which industry? (a) Locks (b) Bicycle (c) Textile (d) Fireworks (e) Bangles Aligarh is an important business centre of Uttar Pradesh and is most famous for its lock industry. Aligarh locks are exported across the world. In 1870, Johnson & Co. was the first English lock […]

Quiz is based on “Awards”

Quiz is based on “Awards” Q1. Who won the 2016 Windham-Campbell Prize? Answer. Columnist and author Jerry Pinto Q2. Who won the ‘Best Film Critic’ award at the 63rd National Film Awards, 2015? Answer. Manipur’s Meghachandra Q 3. Who won the Global Green Hero award? Answer. Veteran singer Stevie Wonder Q 4. Who got the […]