TYPES OF SOIL The committee appointed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), classified the Indian soil in the following main groups: 1. Alluvial Soil: In India it covers about 40 per cent of the total land area. It is very fertile and contributes the largest share of agricultural wealth. Found mostly in […]

Reasoning Quiz

  Reasoning Quiz Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it : (i) Eleven students A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J and K are sitting in a row of the class facing the teacher. (ii) D, who is to the immediate left of F, is […]

Banking Notes for RBI & SBI exams

  Banking Notes for RBI & SBI exams   RBI: The Reserve Bank of India was established on April 1, 1935 in accordance with the provisions of the RBI Act, 1934. RBI was nationalized in 1949 and it is fully owned by the Government of India. RBI was established on the recommendation of the Hilton […]

GST(Goods And Services Tax)

    An inner view to GST(Goods And Services Tax) Recently GST(Goods and services Tax) was in headlines and the proposal is going rounds in the economic fraternity, GST when comes in to picture sooner or later will help economic scenario to a very large extent and will create a utopia for the companies and […]

English – Words which confuse us

  English – Words which confuse us – Part II 1. Canvas and Canvass Canvas – It is cloth or fabric: a canvas bag to bring to the beach. Canvass – means “to conduct a survey or examine thoroughly”, or “to seek votes”: She canvassed all the stores before she found the right dress. 2. […]

SBI PO 2014: Computer Quiz

  SBI PO 2014: Computer Quiz  (2 june 2014) Q1. What’s a web browser? (1)  A kind of spider (2) A computer that stores WWW files (3) A person who likes to look at websites (4) A software program that allows you to access sites on the World Wide Web Q2. is an example […]


  *****ABBREVIATIONS USED IN MARKETING FOR SBI ***** · HNI – High Net worth Individual. · EOQ – Economic Order quality. · FDR – Fixed Deposit Receipts. · CNP – Card holder Not Present. · PIN – Personal Identification Number. · SEO – Search Engine Optimization. · CRM – Customer Relationship Management. · BPO – […]


  ************COMPUTER QUIZ FOR SBI PO************1. Which of the following categories would include a keyboard ?(1) Printing Device(2) Output Device(3) Pointing Device(4) Storage Device(5) Input DeviceAns – Input Device 2. In Word you can force a page break–(1) By positioning your cursor at the appropriate place and pressing the F1 key(2) By positioning your cursor […]

Top Amazing Facts About The Human Body

  ****Top Amazing Facts About The Human Body****** Here are wacky facts about human body : – **The largest organ in the body is the skin. **The liver is the largest gland and the largest internal organ in the human body. **The Brian uses over a quarter of the oxygen used by the human body. […]


  >> TERMS ASSOCIATED WITH SPORTS << ******************************** 1. Badminton – Drop, Smash, Ione, deuce, Clash Service 2. Baseball – Bunting, home, pitcher , strike, put out 3. Basketball – Block, dribble , pivot , held ball, basket 4. Billiards – Cue, Cannon, frame, spider, baulk 5. Boxing – Rounds, knock-out , jab, punch, uppercut […]